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STG Groups offers a wide range of products and service. As a direct importer, exporter, and manufacturer of wood, veneer, solid surfaces and timber products. STG Group caters to the home, retail and commercial sectors, working closely with builders, distributors, architects and interior designers.


Decorative Woods

Decorative Lumber offer unique characteristic of wood, the degree of warmth and beauty that it brings to everyday décor. It consists of different variety of hardwood lumber mainly sourced from European countries as well as from America & Canada. Each one has its unique grain pattern and inherent beauty. It's hardness, wear-resistance, strength and excellent bending capabilities is perfectly placed them for veneering, furniture, flooring, décor & Interior-exterior uses. Decorative Lumber comes in different form like edged (which is four sides clean) / unedged (which is two sides clean).


Steam Beech | White Ash | White Oak | Red Oak | Walnut | Maple | Sapelli

Thickness Available

25mm / 38mm / 50mm / 65mm / 75mm

Moisture Content (KD)

10% - 12%



We import white Primered HDF Moulded Doorskin from Thailand & Turkey. Wood Fibers used in our doorskin are extracted from the carefully selected wood types. It is of excellent quality. It makes difference in your living spaces with its wide range of doorskins ranging from classic to modern.

Width Available

670mm | 685mm | 749mm | 800mm | 851mm | 901mm | 952mm | 1070mm

Length & Thickness

2125mm & 2150mm | 3mm to 3.2mm

Designs Available

2-Panel | 3-Panel (Oval) | 4-Panel | 5-Panel | 6-Panel | Plain



We import Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) in two varieties – Pine and Rubberwood.

Size Available

2440mm x 1220mm | 2440mm x 1830mm | 3660mm x 1220mm

Thickness Available

2.5mm to 30mm


E-1 | CARB Phase-2 | FSC Assure Quality | TISCA



We import super finish 100% PMDI exterior grade Oriented Strand Board (OSB) and offer it in the size of 2440mm x 1220mm and is available in 12mm and 18mm thickness. Strong, stable and more sustainable, OSB is replacing Plywood – especially for timber framed houses and in the packaging industry.



Softboard is a soft, porous particle board, used in wall linings, flooring underlays, display boards etc. We import our Softboard from Russia (Poland) and offer it in the size 2440 mm x 1220 mm. It is available in the thicknesses, 8mm and 10 mm. Our softboard are grooved or drilled to improve their sound absorbing capabilities and then used as acoustic boards.


Solid Surface

We offer two products under our Solid Surface – Acrange and Polyrange; Acrange for Acrylic Solid Surface and Polyrange for Poyester Solid Surface. Manufactured in Korea, they exhibit high technical standards and aesthetics. Acrange and Polyrange solid surfaces are available in the thickness 6 mm and 12 mm in varying lengths.


Teak Wood Lumber

Like our Veneers, we obtain our Teak Wood Lumber from Authentic Burmese Teak. Available in the grades FEQ, MEQ and FEQ/FAS, they are offered under a comprehensive suite, with distinctive varieties. Our teak wood lumber finds extensive applications in the ship building and construction industry.



We obtain our Veneers from Authentic Burmese Teak in thicknesses ranging between 0.15 mm and 1 mm. The slicing is done either in a quarter cut or a crown cut fashion. The grades available are A, B, AB, C or utility in varying lengths.