Our Journey

We added new products (OSB and Softboard) to our range, focussing on strengthening and improving the existing one

We began importing a new product, Acrylic Solid Surface, from Korea, in order to meet the ever increasing demands of the market

We setup a Sawmill Unit at Gandhidham, Gujarat for carrying out sawing operations on Teak wood & decorative lumber

We opened a retail unit, Sanwud Shoppe Pvt. Ltd. and added another new product, MDF (from Thailand, New Zealand, Chile, Brazil and Malaysia) to our product range

We added a new product, HDF Moulded Doorskin (from Thailand and Turkey), to our product range and also consolidated our market position in the existing range

We diversified our portfolio by adding decorative woods (Steam Beech, Ash, Maple, and Oak) imported from European and American countries

We started Starwood Veneers Pvt. Ltd. A manufacturing Unit for slicing and veneering of Teak and recon wood blocks

The Supreme Court of India imposed a ban on wood cutting in the North East. Consequently, we shifted our focus and started importing Teak from Ghana, Ivory Coast and Myanmar. We also established a new office branch at Gandhidham, Gujarat

We were recognised as a ‘Limited Company’

Mr. Naresh Agarwal laid the foundation of Santosh Timber Trading Company, a partnership firm, to facilitate plywood trading in the domestic market. Manufactured at our facility in Arunachal Pradesh, it was sold under the brand name Jenny